The silver spell is broken! Gold today in Yokohama

August 22nd, 2009 av

DextroEnergyTriathlonITUWorldChampionshipSeriesYokohamaSo amazingly wonderful!!!

I’ve been longing to grab that banner for a while now.

After having been 0.03 seconds off in Madrid and another 2 seconds in London it was my time to be the number one! It’s not very often that things work out perfectly. Sometimes you get the chance but the margins are so small it’s hard to get them on your side. Today I had a great race and managed to hold on all the way even though I was hurting so much during the last 100 meters. I just didn’t want to settle with “close”…

I tried to surge a few times in lap three and got rid of all but Japans Juri Ide and New Zealand’s Andrea Hewitt. No offence Andrea, but it would have been painful to loose another sprint finish this year. I decided to put the hammer down just before the first of two corners leading to the extremely long finishing shute. I opened up a gap and gave it all I had. And I was hurting so much all the way to the line!

It’s a great feeling to be on the top of the podium.

To see your flag rise above the others with the national anthem; priceless!

I’m treasuring every minute of it because I know these times are rare and wont happen too often in a lifetime.

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