Pre Worlds Camp

September 3rd, 2009 av

Last preparations on way in Australia

After the very successful weekend in Yokohama I continued on my travels that, eventually will take me a whole lap around the globe. The flight headed to Brisbane which is a 90min train ride from the Gold Coast and the host for the 2009 World Championship Series Final.

Previous years when we’ve been training at the coast we kept to the south part not far off the boarder from New South Wales. It’s a bit quieter then the north part and training is really good. To come back here is a bit like coming home. We have got the luxury of having a high class support team lined up and we get looked after as good as any big national team.

I would like to take the opportunity and say a big thank you to:
Tristan at D&T Sport in West Burleigh –great to look after our bikes and giving us some nice company out in the saddle
Colin Clarey and Leigh McCutcheon at Elanora Clinic have spent quite a few acupuncture needles on our poor bodies and also makes sure our spines are in line and that we sticking to our circuit routines (which we of course do perfectly
Richard Scarce and the crew at Palm Beach Olympic Pool –including all the kids that totally kick my butt in training

There wasn’t any wasting time when we got down here. Darren put us back into training and made sure we made the most of every day. I don’t know how many sessions we did between getting on the flight on Monday until the end of the weekend. But it definitely felt like much longer than a week. The way we train has changed slightly and I can tell we are getting close to a big race by the way we train.
I really do enjoy this kind of training. The fitter I get – the harder I can push myself. I just love that feeling.

I’m also getting quite excited for the final. I guess my year has been slightly different from most girls as I had a slow start overcoming my knee injury. This means my fitness is still improving and I’m getting faster every day. I’ve been slightly underdone for most races this year and looking forward walking into a race being on top of the game. But, saying this I’m very well aware of this doesn’t have to mean a better race. Last year I walked into the Olympics superfit, but still didn’t have a great day out there.
Guess this is the biggest challenge of triathlon, getting all the pieces linked together at race day.

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