Sprintfinish in Madrid – 2nd after photo consultation

May 31st, 2009 av

So close so close. But the camera said Andrea was the winner…so I guess I have to settle for second. Anyways,- it was a great outcome for my first race back. To be on the podium is a win in itself – and I highly enjoy it. This is the reason of why I spend hours and hours of training…

I had a good solid swim which put me in the first bike pack. This has been my main focus over winter so I’m stoked to have improved my swimming to that level. Racing just got so much more enjoyable! The bike felt easy and I didn’t have to spend too much energy. I knew my fitness for running wasn’t the best and I wanted to save as much as possible for the finishing leg. My legs were flying out on the first lap but as I came in for the 2nd round I started to feel a stich. Th ebig alarm bells went off as I had walk – back experiences from stiches and previous races. Coach Darren told me to slow down and get into the pack – which I did and remained in for the rest of the run. Coming in to the last corner I had the inside and took it out hard. I thought I was clear until the very last meters where Andrea came up on my inside. I gave everything that was left in the tank, but it wasn’t quite enough… Still happy and still had a great day of racing. Thanks everyone who was cheering for me – on site as well as in front of the computer!

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