First win of the season

May 5th, 2009 av

I managed to hold on and win the three stage bike race – with only one second to spare to 2nd place.

The first two wins in the Road race and Crit gave me a total of 6 bonus seconds and the leaders jersey. The final stage was a 13km TT and came to be nervewrecking. I could tell by the distance to the girl ahead of me that we were going to be close, very close… In the end I lost the TT by 5 seconds – and held my lead on the overall standings with 1 tiny second to spare.

The weekend came to be an excellent hitout and I was forced to put some power on the pedals and use my heart quite a bit. The average heart rates for the three races were quite impressive and much higher than what I’ve been able to perform in training over the past five months. Phu. Think I will be in some good bike shape as I head up in the mountains end of this week.

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