7th place in Des Moines

June 28th, 2009 av

A slow swim didn’t put me in the best position for todays race. From halfway out to the first bouy I got completely hammered and then struggled to recover and make up time. I found myself way behind sitting in the 3rd group – and loosing time. Crap! Can’t belive more girls put the hammer down and helped out! With three laps to go I went solo with the attempt to close the gap on the leaders. It was hot and windy and I suspected some girls in the front would struggle on the run – so I just didn’t wanna sit back and give up. The work paid off. Even tho I had to put some watts on the pedals and work pretty hard out there by myself I still felt good coming off the bike. Alreday on the first lap I started to pass the girls ahead of me – and then I just kept on going. 

By the end I wasn’t far off Hewitt who was sitting in 6th position – but the gap was just a little bit too big and I had to settle for 7th. I posted the 4th fastest run split – but think I might have been able to run a little faster without those 3 solo TT laps… In washington my swim was great and the run a disaster. Today was the complete opposit Maybe I’ll manage to link it all together next weekend at the European Championships?

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