training in Des Moines

June 24th, 2009 av

What do you do when you fall off the horse..? You get back up again. Sometimes things doesn’t work out the way you want it to – but hey, thats life! Luckily the training is done and the fitness is already in the bank. It’s now just a matter of withdrawing as much as possible of it on saturday.

I flew in to Des Moines monday evening and since then had some really nice sessions. The body has recovered well from the race and I’m starting to come good again. The weather has been a bit challenging as it’s hotter than Washington, and def. a lot hotter than the swiss mountains! We also had a big storm coming through yesterday afternoon which forced me to cancel the bike session on the program… Not much I could do about it, went to the hairdresser instead which was just as nice..

This morning I had an appointment with a local acupunctur(ist?) who put in about 6 needles in my head, another 4 in my abdominal muscles and then a couple in each leg. This will hopefully realease any left over tension from the cramping in Washington and prevent it from happening again…  If not I will be very dissapointed – 6 needles in the forehead is a lot to deal with and I wouldn’t wanna have done it in vain…

So in genreal life is pretty good right now. The hotel offers free popcorn in the afternoon, the tv has a lot of channels and I have a lot of spare time to read and sleep. Not complaining!

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