Less then 24h to start

June 26th, 2009 av

The last bit of training is done, the course is checked out in detail and the bike is tip top and ready to go. Now we’re just waiting… Waiting to get going, waiting for the allowance to let the body take over and do what it knows best. Waiting for the pain and suffering.

But also looking forward to the endorfins and the thrill of being in the race, of shooting past the grandstands and rising to the occation. I love racing, -but I’m also a bit scared of it.  I hate not to stand up to my own expectations, which happened last time just then in Washington.

There are a lot of highclass girls here, plenty of fast swimmers and some of the best runners in the sport. It will be a tough challenge out there tomorrow! Can’t wait – bring it on! Please keep your fingers crossed for me out there tomorrow…

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