Next World Cup Series Race in Hamburg this weekend

July 22nd, 2009 av

So, round 5 in the new Dextro Energy ITU World Cup Series race will take place this weekend. The host city is Hamburg, the weather looks good and the field is, as always, super high quality.

This will be my 3rd race in the series which means important points for the World Ranking. Hopefully I can bump up my current 12th place into the top 10. As quite  a few of the girls ahead of me have done three or four races already the chances are looking pretty good (after your scored 4 races you can only exchange old points – not add more).

The main competitior is of course the ever on form Emma Moffat. She has put her foot down this season and showed everyone what a high class athelete she is. I really can’t see that anyone will beat her as long as nothing major happens to her during the race. But the field consist of more world class athletes that all wants to get on that podium. To mention a few;

The trio Bennet, Haskins and Groff. Strong swimmer bikes that will look into get a break out of the water (big danger for ms Lisa…) The two canadians Tramblay and Groves have showed on some brilliant form. Europenas like Fernandes, di Marco Messmer, Lisk, training partner Ryf are always to be found high up in the result lists.

For more info of the race go to:

We are quite a few people from my training group that will be on the startline. We are four girls in the womens race; Daniela Ryf, Jenna Shoemaker, Kate Roberts and myself. Then two boys on the line on sunday, Claude Eksteen and Andreas Giglamayer. Will be nice to have a little team to train with before the race and I think we are all quite excited to get down from altitude and see some real life… The mountains ARE great… but sometimes lacking a little bit of stimula 🙂 Coffee shops…people…racenerves… Can’t wait!

Training had been good since I returned after the europeans in Holten. An initial block of endurance followed by a few speed sessions, inculding the Bundesliga Race in Offenburg. I’m still not where I want to get to this season, but at least one step closer.

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