4th at Europeans

July 10th, 2009 av

Another day when it all didn’t fall into place…

Not so much my racing this time but the cold I was nursing since just after the Hy-Vee race. I’m starting to realize being a pro athlete is not only about racing but also really keeping yourself in one piece.  I knew three races in three weeks always was going to be a challenge. But if I managed to stay healthy after Hy-Vee I think it could have been ok. Just have a look at Gomez and his results.

Considering the circumstances I actually think I did alright in the race! If I can run like that with a cold…what will happen when I’m 100% fit and feeling ok?

Holten ETU Triathlon ChampsI had a brilliant swim and was in the mix from the first meters on the bike. In fact I think I was diving back in the water in 5th position which is somewhat of a personal record! The bike was really uneventfull, just tried to look after me and stay out of trouble. There were a few crashes out on the quite narrow and techincal course but I got trough without drama. The T2 was fast and smooth and I was out on the runcourse in the very top of the field. Nicola took off in the early stages but there was nothing I could do about her. In washington I got a good reminder of the importance of running my own race. And in Holten I wasn’t in the shape of taking any risks.


Worst position they say. So close to the podium but still so far away. No champange or  flowers. Just a number, 4th…

I love champange and flowers!!!!

But I guess there is always a next time…

Next on the program now is a block of hard training up in the Swiss mountains. What doesn’t kill you (or gives you a cold or injury..) makes you stronger!

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