the inbetween phase

June 8th, 2009 av

This is where I’m right now.

Squeezed in between two massive mountains – inbetween two blocks of racing.

The training phase.

The time for pain and suffering, adaptation and new standards.

Time for waking up hungry at 2:45am, taking the elevator to the first floor and drinking litres of coffee each day. Love it!

I’m still struggling with taper and times before races. Miss my routines and training. Miss being tired. But I guess that’s the whole purpose of racing so I better have to learn to deal with it.

My current base is Davos, the highest city in the Alps situated about 3hrs by train from Zürich. It’s pure “Heidi land” with alpine fields, mountains and cows with bells around their necks.

Perfect for knocking out 2 hours of  hard running and punishing bike sessions.

Perfect for fast running around the lake.

And perfect for open water training as the pool got more chop and whirlpools than Palm Beach, Australia…


I’ll stay here until the 18th when I fly over for Washington. That will be my 2nd World Cup Series Race for this year – and will be followed by the Des Moines World Cup and the European Champs.