DNF with some great pointers

February 26th, 2009 av


The result wasn’t the most impressive one, but the signs I got that my training is going well was good enough this time.

As my left knee has been playing up lately and I haven’t been able to attend a run session in a little over 6 weeks now my hope was not set to the runleg. Instead I have been focusing on the poolwork with the great challenge of making myself a front pack swimmer during the 2009 season. In Auckland I came out of the water 3rd and advanced during the transition to start the bike in 2nd position.  For the first lap on the bike I was in a duo break with Andrea Hewitt but got caught by a group of 5 just before the 2nd lap. The race took an controversey turn at the bike to run change as the front three riders(myself included) rode too far. Rebecca Spencer was in the lead and kept riding for a whole lap extra, me and Sam Warriner realized out misstake another 200m up the rode and turned around to enter the transition from the opposite way…

At the time we already lost close to a minute on the leaders and the race was pretty much over. I held Warriners speed for the first lap but then started cramping in the mid section and decided to end my day. My body wasn’t used to the speed (or more running at all..) and I wasn’t really fair on myslef with taking it out so hard.

In the end of the day I was happy to take the positive swim with me back to Gold Coast and I’m now more motivated than ever to get in my swimmers. I’m looking into easing myself back to running this week and hopefully I’ll be able to improve my runfitness to the Mooloolabar WC in the end of March.

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